Boss Kaggle

Dazouri Crime Boss


Boss Kaggle is a Dazouri, a species that has two forms, rest and rage. In his normal Dazouri rest form, Boss Kaggle is a scrawny, hairless, one-meter-tall creature with spin-dly limbs. He has big, black saucer eyes, vestigial horns on his upper forehead, and a thin reedy voice. In his rage form, he transforms into a 3.2-meter-tall hulking brute with shaggy black fur, huge claws and fangs, and a pair of wicked horns.

Boss Kaggle
Type: Dazouri Crime Boss
Rest Form
Brawling parry 1D+2, dodge 6D, melee combat 1D+1, melee parry 4D, pick pocket 7D
Bureaucracy 6D, business 6D, cultures: Elrood Sector 6D+1, intimidation 6D, languages 5D, law enforcement 5D+2, planetary systems 6D, streetwise 6D, survival 5D, value 5D, willpower 6D
Bargain 6D, command 6D, con 7D, forgery 5D+1, gambling 6D+2, hide 7D, persuasion 6D, sneak 6D
Brawling 2D, climbing/jumping 3D, melee combat 1D+1, stamina 3D
Computer programming/repair 6D, droid programming 5D, droid repair 5D, security 7D

Rage Form
Brawling parry 5D+2, dodge 10D, melee combat 5D+1, melee parry 8D
Intimidation 4D
Brawling 8D, climbing/jumping 7D, lifting 6D+2, stamina 7D
Special Abilities:
Rage: When a Dazouri is wounded, badly frightened, threatened with bodily harm, successfully intimidated or infuriated, he transforms into his rage form. He can also initiate it at will, but it is a Very Difficult Perception task. Kaggle can prevent his rage transformation with a Heroic Perception task. Dazouris and Lahsbees are closely related races: “genetic cousins” in the same way that Humans and near-Human races are closely related. Like the Lahsbees, Dazouris physically transform from one form to another. The char-acter must allocate dice for the rage and rest forms. Dazouris also receive a bonus of 1D to Dexterity and Strength for their rage form. Dazouris retain the same skill adds, no matter their form. Dazouris in rage form may only use brawling pany, dodge, melee combat, melee parry, intimidation, brawling, climbing/jumping and lifting.
Claws: STR+2D damage (rage form only)
Teeth: STR+1D+2 damage (rage form only)
Horns: STR+1D damage (rage form only)
This character is Force-sensitive
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 4
Character Points: 14
Move: 8 (in rest form), 12 (in rage form)
Equipment: Datapad


Starting out as a petty thief, he used the combination of his intelligence and his violent form to rise in the criminal under-world of his home sector. Boss Kaggle makes his home on Lanthrym, where he has a palatial home and an impressive force of bodyguards. Even though he does not truly need guards, their presence perpetuates the illusion of him being a small, fragile creature. In his rest form, Kaggle is a shrewd, calculating little creature who appears physically helpless. He voices a distaste for violence and a dislike of pain (“Oh, please don’t threaten me, gentlemen, it up-sets me so! You really don’t want to upset me, do you?”) Everything in his manner speaks of “talking this out.” In rage form, Kaggle is a homicidal maniac that mows down anything that is standing. Usually, Kaggle’s bodyguards and aides leave the room when they see that he is about to make the change. This makes many of Kaggle’s soon-to-be-victims overconfident, feeling that they can now manipulate the small alien. One of Kaggle’s biggest objectives is to build up a large crime empire and get rid of his hated rival, Lud Chud.

Boss Kaggle

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