Lud Chud

Rakaan Crime Boss


Few beings have seen Lud. It allows others to circulate the misperception that it is a humanoid male.

Lud Chud
Type: Rakaan (Neuter) Crime Boss
Blaster 4D, dodge 6D, pick pocket 5D, running 4D, webs 6D
Bureaucracy 5D, business 6D, intimidation 7D, law enforcement 4D+1, planetary systems: Elrood Sector 5D, streetwise 7D+1, value 5D
Communications 6D
Bargain 6D, command 7D, con 7D+2, gambling 6D, hide 8D, persuasion 8D, sneak 8D
Brawling 6D, climbing/jumping 8D
Security 4D
Special Abilities:
Fangs: STR+1D damage
Webbing: Chud can shoot 2 webs from its abdomen every round, using its webs skill. Breaking out of a web is a Very Difficult Strength or lifting task. The webs retain their potency for two hours, and have a range of 3-4/8/12.
Neuter Phase: In neuter phase, Lud Chud may add +1D to Strength and all Strength-related skills, as well as increase Move by +2.
Character Points: 12
Move: 14, 12 (swimming)
Equipment: Blaster pistol (4D)


Lud is an 80-year-old Rakaan. It has always had a talent for crime, and has settled on Torina as the premier crime boss. It was only when the Empire took over Derilyn and Torina rose in importance did Lud’s criminal empire gain much worth. Lud has influence, property, and henchmen throughout Elrood Sector, but it concentrates its activities on Torina, Lanthrym, and Elrood. At these sites, it engages in loansharking, protection rackets, black marketeering, forgery, smuggling, and other unsavory activities. A cunning but lazy being, Lud sits in its lair and hatches new schemes while revelling in its power. Though it is willing to talk and negotiate, it is a clever negotiator and twists words to get people to do what it wants. Lud eats people who do not agree with it. It keeps many victims dangling in cocoons in its lair. Lud is getting close to Transition; it is currently in neuter phase. Boss Kaggle is Lud’s biggest rival. Lud’s chief ambitions are to be the absolute head of all crime in the Sector, and to get rid of Kaggle.

Lud Chud

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