Elrood Entanglements

Episode I
Elrood Entanglements

Our adventurers are in a bit of a scrape. Captain Bryce “Mac” McBain’s ship registration papers are way out of date. Shi-tar was caught carrying illegal weapons. Shormapia is under arrest for assault and Hap “Happy” Dolnar is under arrest for unauthorized computer access. All four, along with several other detainees are in transit from the local constable to the Imperial Security Bureau offices when the entourage was beseiged by freedom fighters. All four managed to escape and make their way to Shara’s Gambit where Happy slices through the security locks and Mac deftly pilots the ship out of harm’s way and into the safety of hyperspace.

Episode II
Birds of a Feather

Almar resistance: Hap “Happy” Dolnar, Commander Cortain – arms delivery to Smuggler’s Strip
Almar tourist: Devron Zal Radell Jr. Exec – job on Elrood, Minerals to Coyn
Kooroo pilgrims to Gelgelar, Jump to Gelgelar
Visit Gelgelar Free Port – Brack, Thulls, Ecls family; Vohis Mold, Shvash Gas

Episode III
Scuffle in the Swamp

Met with Loros Ecls under Gelgelar Free Port. Mission to reclaim weapons from Slirog Fenn. 5000 credits (½ now, ½ on delivery), Fenn is one of Nawnam’s operations.
Recon Fenn’s Landing, makeshift explosive using Shvash Gas
Suspicious activity (food & medicine purchases, waste dumping, body dumping)
Fight at Fenn’s Landing, capture Twi’lek Thug
1 immediate retooling of the ship from Nofre (ion drive)

Episode IV
Smuggler's Strip

Complete business on Gelgelar, slaves freed
Took Goh’chak (Twi’lek Tough) to Kidron (drop him off at the landing pad), Onward to Elrood, land at the Smuggler’s Strip and dropped off arms shipment without trouble.
Blast off back on course to Elrooden. Land and get regs. Rumors at the Pit.

Episode V
Monorail Mugging

Cutaways to Lud Chud, Boss Kaggle, Mr. Skine of IML, Devron Zal of Radell Mining, and Nawnam the Hutt all working on their nefarios schemes

Shorm stops a hijacker on the monorail, visits the bazaar and becomes a member of the Mercenary Guild of Coyn. Makes contact regarding custom-made Ryyk Blades (525 credits).
Mack and Shi’tar visit the Bazaar, set an appointment with Devron Zal. Shi-T’ar contacted Ekkar Arms for custom-made Rifle-Axe (2600 credits). Mack approached by one of Lud Chud’s men to make a Spice run to Derilyn for 5000 credits. Head to the souvenir shop to make contact, if interested.
“Message” delivered by Boss Kaggle’s thugs. Mack reports the incident to Elrood Security (and gets tied up in their bureaucracy).

Episode VI
Corporate Kidnapping

(Ray GMed this session)

Shi-Tar and Sharm hooked up with Happy at the Pit in Elrooden. Devron Zal’s daughter was kidnapped, made our way to Radell Central in a dilapidated cargo skiff (#4).
Tracked down the kidnappers (a group of Rodians and forced our way aboard their ship)

Episode VII
Frozen Destiny

Completed deals on Elrood, ores to Coyn.
Encountered a space battle between pirates and Imperial forces over Bodrin. Hyperspace jumped towards Lanthrym to avoid the fight. Mis-jumped into the drift.
Mynocks attracted to the heat of Shara’s Gambit. Shi-T’ar sent outside to clean them off. Discovered the Royal Destiny adrift in the asteroid field. Explored the ship and found Senator Wuxod’s children in carbon freeze in the hold. Attacked by crimson slugs. Recovered the contents of the hold before a lone pirate attacked (it had tracked them through hyperspace.) Landed at Coyn. Found an underworld contact to gain entry into a secret weapons auction. Shi-T’ar’s family heirloom Rifle-Axe up for auction and purchased by an unknown weapons collector.

Episode IX
Medical Mayhem

The frozen children are taken to the Grand Medical Facility on Merisee. There the crew discovers that they’ve been infected by the same spores as the children. Shorm falls unconscious from the infection while Mac and Shi’tar meet with the Head Doctor, Dr. D. Meinto. They meet in the meditation gardens and discover the “Cult of Those Who Redeem.” The doctor tells them of a possible cure on Merisee II, but is attacked by a Loag assassin. They subdue the assassin and Mac kills him. (DSP) They head to Merisee II and land at a medical research facility, steal some equipment, meet a tech and hunt for the ingredient for the cure. Ingredient acquired, they head back to Merisee with the cure.

Episode VIII
Double Duty

On Coyn, Shorm given escort duty and Shi’tar given bounty for the same target. Delivered to Kidron, but then captured on the taxi ride to the High City of Refuge. Hypered to Almar Upside for the bounty. Hap forges the safe escort voucher.

Episode X
Korad Salvage

The crew takes the job delivering foodstuffs and medicine from Merisee to a Friends of Paran secret base on Korad. The crew avails themselves of the opportunity to trade and salvage various items from the rubble. At the first evening, they are guests of the base commander (Lana). Everyone gets drunk off the load of Utozz, and Mac gets lucky with the base commander. On day two, they head out to the discarded TIE/gt starfighters they discovered the day before. An Ugor salvage team lays claim to the “Holy Monument” and they fight over the removal of a flight computer. Shorm puts together a working R2 Unit


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