Elrood Entanglements

Episode XIX
So long, Slerog!

The crew comandeers an arms dealer’s freighter and fends off the landing pad patrol.

Mac decides the best course to plot is directly into Fenn’s massive warehouse.

The ensuing collisions blows the building to smithereens and nearly kills Mad Za’al who is seriously considering giving up the “Mad” part to Mac.

While exploring Fenn’s office, the crew finds a secret hatch to Fenn’s underground chambers. Inside, they find the criminal’s computer logs as well as his combat prototype droid.

Episode XVII
Tekar Tunnels

The crew continues up the storm sewer runoff tunnels and encounter another maintenance droid which BDG (MYA55) deactivates. They reach a manhole which leads to just outside the starport. BDG does some recon and they find a grate that leads up to the starport landing/staging area. They cut their way through and fire up the ship, however LE-NA never responds to their transmissions. Hap trips the alarm on the security locks while they board the ship, alerting a security detail and the AT-ST patrol. A quick blast from the tractor beam tears the Imperial speeder to shreds and shears off the head of the AT-ST.
Once in orbit, they calculate the jump to lightspeed, but have to make it past an Imperial patrol vessel. A pair of concussion missiles blasts the Modular TIE hangar to bits as Shara’s Gambit speeds its way to the hyperspace jump point.

Episode XVI
Into the Sewers

They meet with the Friends of Paran in their underground bunker in Knellis and discuss the next steps. The crew meets their “cargo” and determines the best way off planet is through the sewer system to get to the starport. Meanwhile, the rebels will create a diversion topside to allow everyone to escape. Everyone climbs aboard the cargo skiff and heads across the sea to the storm sewer outlet. They cut their way through but are forced to leave the skiff in the large tunnel. Approaching a water collection tank, they are attacked by a mated pair of dianogas nesting in the tank. BDG-2’s arm is damaged and Mac dispatches a maintenance droid that approaches to check on the disturbance.

Episode XV
Arena Riot

After healing and refreshing from the duel, Shorm is forced back into the arena by an ISB agent. He, along with Hap, have been marked for execution. With the intervention of Shi’tar and Mack, the crew manages a hasty escape from Tekar with the Friends of Paran in tow. They make their way to a nearby city and hide amongst the ruins.

Episode XIV
Into the Belly of the Beast

The crew travels to Derilyn where they discover the tyranny of the Empire firsthand. They offload their legit cargo and get stuck in a store-warehouse during some domestic disturbance. They gamble with the shopkeeper and his son while their droid (BDG-2) snoops around in the back. Shorm learns about amateur night at the Arena and beats his competitor in a duel.

Epsisode XIII
Dangerous Worms

Grakkata invites the crew aboard for a dinner of thanks. Shorm sees a pair of Ryyk blades decorating the walls of the Treespirit and indicates that he is trying to acquire his own set. She allows him to “borrow” one blade as a reference for a Coynite weaponsmith. Later, Lania has been attempting to fix up the newly leased warehouse, but the crew has been getting underfoot. In an attempt to keep them out of her way, she finds them a job taking a Whiphid big game hunter (and his droid valet) out on safari in the Great Shore Marshes. “Tex” the hunter is looking to bag a fabled Marsh Wyrm in the swamp. The crew manages to bring down the beast, but Tex is killed during the fight. The crew provides a respectful end to Tex and take possession of his protocol droid (my ass!). When they arrive back at the port, LE-NA calls them on the comlink and informs them that a Klatooinian gentleman is waiting for them at their ship. He informs them that his master, Nawnam the Hutt would like an audience with them the following day. After a night of drunkenness, Hap manages moderate repairs to BDG-02 and imprints him on Shi’tar. The following day they meet Nawnam and Mac is informed that his debt contract has been acquired by Nawnam.

Episode XII
Stuck in the Mud

The crew lands at Gelgelar Freeport for a bit of business and to lay low. They offload cargo and arrange for upgrades to their ship. A visit to the Red Threxa for some drinks proves fruitful in learning about changes to the bustling port. Grea the Orfite bounty hunter stops in, as well as Grakkata the pirate. While trying to fence some of their goods in a warehouse, a bounty hunter attempts to capture Grakkata. The crew intervenes and earns the respect of the Wookiee pirate…

Episode XI
Imperial Snare

(Ray GMed this session)

Blasting off from Korad, Shara’s Gambit comes under fire from Dorok’s pirate crew. Fending them off until through the junk ring, a VSD II appears and inspects the freighter. Captain Pryl, an old acquaintance of Mac’s has a job for the crew: Deliver her retiring aunt to an Imperial retirement community on Merisee. After some maneuvering, the crew agrees. Unfortunately, the passenger dies upon reaching the Merisee system. As it turns out, she was killed by her aide, a member of the Friends of Paran under deep cover. The crew tries to leave as soon as possible, but Happy finds a note and is determined to rescue the aide. They sneak into the retirement community as delivery men and quickly rescue the aide.

Episode X
Korad Salvage

The crew takes the job delivering foodstuffs and medicine from Merisee to a Friends of Paran secret base on Korad. The crew avails themselves of the opportunity to trade and salvage various items from the rubble. At the first evening, they are guests of the base commander (Lana). Everyone gets drunk off the load of Utozz, and Mac gets lucky with the base commander. On day two, they head out to the discarded TIE/gt starfighters they discovered the day before. An Ugor salvage team lays claim to the “Holy Monument” and they fight over the removal of a flight computer. Shorm puts together a working R2 Unit

Episode IX
Medical Mayhem

The frozen children are taken to the Grand Medical Facility on Merisee. There the crew discovers that they’ve been infected by the same spores as the children. Shorm falls unconscious from the infection while Mac and Shi’tar meet with the Head Doctor, Dr. D. Meinto. They meet in the meditation gardens and discover the “Cult of Those Who Redeem.” The doctor tells them of a possible cure on Merisee II, but is attacked by a Loag assassin. They subdue the assassin and Mac kills him. (DSP) They head to Merisee II and land at a medical research facility, steal some equipment, meet a tech and hunt for the ingredient for the cure. Ingredient acquired, they head back to Merisee with the cure.


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