Elrood Entanglements

Epsisode XIII

Dangerous Worms

Grakkata invites the crew aboard for a dinner of thanks. Shorm sees a pair of Ryyk blades decorating the walls of the Treespirit and indicates that he is trying to acquire his own set. She allows him to “borrow” one blade as a reference for a Coynite weaponsmith. Later, Lania has been attempting to fix up the newly leased warehouse, but the crew has been getting underfoot. In an attempt to keep them out of her way, she finds them a job taking a Whiphid big game hunter (and his droid valet) out on safari in the Great Shore Marshes. “Tex” the hunter is looking to bag a fabled Marsh Wyrm in the swamp. The crew manages to bring down the beast, but Tex is killed during the fight. The crew provides a respectful end to Tex and take possession of his protocol droid (my ass!). When they arrive back at the port, LE-NA calls them on the comlink and informs them that a Klatooinian gentleman is waiting for them at their ship. He informs them that his master, Nawnam the Hutt would like an audience with them the following day. After a night of drunkenness, Hap manages moderate repairs to BDG-02 and imprints him on Shi’tar. The following day they meet Nawnam and Mac is informed that his debt contract has been acquired by Nawnam.



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