Elrood Entanglements

Episode XVII

Tekar Tunnels

The crew continues up the storm sewer runoff tunnels and encounter another maintenance droid which BDG (MYA55) deactivates. They reach a manhole which leads to just outside the starport. BDG does some recon and they find a grate that leads up to the starport landing/staging area. They cut their way through and fire up the ship, however LE-NA never responds to their transmissions. Hap trips the alarm on the security locks while they board the ship, alerting a security detail and the AT-ST patrol. A quick blast from the tractor beam tears the Imperial speeder to shreds and shears off the head of the AT-ST.
Once in orbit, they calculate the jump to lightspeed, but have to make it past an Imperial patrol vessel. A pair of concussion missiles blasts the Modular TIE hangar to bits as Shara’s Gambit speeds its way to the hyperspace jump point.



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