Elrood Entanglements

Episode XI

Imperial Snare

(Ray GMed this session)

Blasting off from Korad, Shara’s Gambit comes under fire from Dorok’s pirate crew. Fending them off until through the junk ring, a VSD II appears and inspects the freighter. Captain Pryl, an old acquaintance of Mac’s has a job for the crew: Deliver her retiring aunt to an Imperial retirement community on Merisee. After some maneuvering, the crew agrees. Unfortunately, the passenger dies upon reaching the Merisee system. As it turns out, she was killed by her aide, a member of the Friends of Paran under deep cover. The crew tries to leave as soon as possible, but Happy finds a note and is determined to rescue the aide. They sneak into the retirement community as delivery men and quickly rescue the aide.



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