Elrood Entanglements

Episode VII

Frozen Destiny

Completed deals on Elrood, ores to Coyn.
Encountered a space battle between pirates and Imperial forces over Bodrin. Hyperspace jumped towards Lanthrym to avoid the fight. Mis-jumped into the drift.
Mynocks attracted to the heat of Shara’s Gambit. Shi-T’ar sent outside to clean them off. Discovered the Royal Destiny adrift in the asteroid field. Explored the ship and found Senator Wuxod’s children in carbon freeze in the hold. Attacked by crimson slugs. Recovered the contents of the hold before a lone pirate attacked (it had tracked them through hyperspace.) Landed at Coyn. Found an underworld contact to gain entry into a secret weapons auction. Shi-T’ar’s family heirloom Rifle-Axe up for auction and purchased by an unknown weapons collector.



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