Elrood Entanglements

Episode V

Monorail Mugging

Cutaways to Lud Chud, Boss Kaggle, Mr. Skine of IML, Devron Zal of Radell Mining, and Nawnam the Hutt all working on their nefarios schemes

Shorm stops a hijacker on the monorail, visits the bazaar and becomes a member of the Mercenary Guild of Coyn. Makes contact regarding custom-made Ryyk Blades (525 credits).
Mack and Shi’tar visit the Bazaar, set an appointment with Devron Zal. Shi-T’ar contacted Ekkar Arms for custom-made Rifle-Axe (2600 credits). Mack approached by one of Lud Chud’s men to make a Spice run to Derilyn for 5000 credits. Head to the souvenir shop to make contact, if interested.
“Message” delivered by Boss Kaggle’s thugs. Mack reports the incident to Elrood Security (and gets tied up in their bureaucracy).



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