Elrood Entanglements

Episode IX

Medical Mayhem

The frozen children are taken to the Grand Medical Facility on Merisee. There the crew discovers that they’ve been infected by the same spores as the children. Shorm falls unconscious from the infection while Mac and Shi’tar meet with the Head Doctor, Dr. D. Meinto. They meet in the meditation gardens and discover the “Cult of Those Who Redeem.” The doctor tells them of a possible cure on Merisee II, but is attacked by a Loag assassin. They subdue the assassin and Mac kills him. (DSP) They head to Merisee II and land at a medical research facility, steal some equipment, meet a tech and hunt for the ingredient for the cure. Ingredient acquired, they head back to Merisee with the cure.


I was not available for this game :P

Episode IX

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